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Georgs Kadoļčiks


George was born in Saldus. Latvia. He studied piano at the Latvian Academy of Music, where in 1996 he obtained a master’s degree and in 2004 – a PhD in music.
He is performing both as a solo pianist and as an accompanist. Since 1993, he has also been a teacher and an accompanist at Pāvuls Jurjāns Music School in Riga. He has accompanied INCANTO since 2009.


Jekaterina Hiļčuks


Jekaterina was born in Riga, Latvia. Before joining INCANTO in 2009, she had a multi-faceted solo career in music: she was a soloist at Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir Blagovest from 1997 to 2008, a solo singer in a cabaret variety show in Riga from 2002 to 2004, and her first solo album in the genre of “classical crossover” saw light in 2009. Like Andra Federe-Muižniece, she studied singing with Anita Garanča, a Professor at the Latvian Academy of Music. Jekaterina also has a degree in English philology; she takes a particular interest in the contemporary British and American novel and in how music and language can interact within a literary text


Andra Federe-Muižniece

mezzo - soprano

Andra was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She started learning to play the piano at the age of three, and entered the Caracas Conservatory of Music when she was seven. She studied piano with Prof. R. Henry, Prof. W. Hääl, and Prof. E. Kehlenbach at Hamburg Academy of Music, from which she graduated in 1992 with a master’s degree in piano playing and piano teaching. Later on, throwing herself into singing, she studied vocal performance with Professor Anita Garanča, and continued her education with Marie Kobayashi, a professor at Strasbourg Music Academy.
Since 2005, Andra Federe-Muižniece has been a soloist of Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir Blagovest.
Since 2013, she has lived in Strasbourg, where she has been involved in various musical projects as a solo singer.

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